About Us

The High Achievers device was the idea of Gerard and Patrick Gallagher. The purpose of the high achievers device is to encourage players to catch the ball at their max height. As coaches we became aware of the number of young players that were unable to do this so this device will definitely help them if used regularly. We have used it with our own underage players at the club and the improvement in technique and height in which the ball is caught, over a 4 to 6 week period is evident. The best way to use high achievers in a session is to take 4 to 6 players out of the session, work with them for 15 mins and return them to the group. This device will build confidence in late developing players because the height in which the ball is caught is measurable from session to session.


  • 1 High Achievers Unit - €495
  • 2 High Achievers Units - €900
  • Price of Additional Football - €20
  • Price of Additional Pins - €4 each / €12 per set
  • Sand Bags - €8 each